Controlling hotel and restaurant equipment from a smartphone

The stylish ideas and technologies go hand in hand with the hotel and restaurant business

If 20 years ago someone had said that they switch the lights, the heating, the washing machine or the cooking appliances from their phone, we would hardly believe it. Well, this is already a fact, and technology is being implemented rapidly, both in everyday life and for business needs. We present machinery and equipment, controlled from the smartphone and ideas for restaurants and hotels, inspired by the products, which we will see in a few days at the Horeca exhibition SIHRE – from 28 to 31 January at Inter Expo Center.

For cooking

They are high-tech, they make their own decisions and can be controlled remotely – from a smartphone, tablet or computer. This is the SelfCookingCenter of Rational – the technological cooking system from Vera 94. The steam convection oven senses and recognizes during operation, and this allows it to grill, fry, bake, steam, etc. The remote access function "ConnectedCooking" allows you to control all connected devices through a smartphone, tablet and computer, smartphone or tablet.

We will also see a smart pressure fryer and shock cooler that reduces production costs. The intelligent MultiFresh Cooler/freezer, with multiple functions, is controlled with a single touch on its intuitive display. The individual approach is a basic philosophy of the company BIS, which will focus on the manufactured in Bulgaria gas stoves and hobs. The hermetic worktop protects from boiling out and provides the best operating conditions, and the customer can choose the configuration of the burners according to the power and the material.

Clean and healthy environment

Cleaning machines can also be operated from a smartphone. Let us give you an example with the products of Krebe-Tippo. "Smart" machines are presented by Horeca Trading and Service. Equipped with smart control AVANT 516, presented for the first time in Bulgaria, the machines perform 999 programs. Through a smartphone, tablet, smart-watch, we can check the operation of the machine, set commands and receive information about the consumption of water and electricity.

Surely our attention will be attracted by EV3000i. The dry steam cleaner by EV International provides professional hotel and restaurant maintenance, with no side effects from the use of chemicals. And   cost reduction... Special cleaning will be offered by Rotowash – a machine with counter rotating roller brushes. Tony Phil's system cleans floors and joints thanks to a built-in injection module that distributes water on the front brush and optimizes the consumption of the cleaning fluid. GRANULDISK dishwashers can help us achieve better results with less effort. They use granules, water and a small amount of washing fluid. Thanks to this and without pre-soaking, very dirty dishes can be washed. Through the mechanical action of the granules, operating with 30 000 beats per seconds and high temperature, washing takes a few minutes and saves consumables.

Air quality is  directly related to good health. On SIHRE Horeca the sector will learn more about AIRFREE – the EVANS air purifiers . Polluted air is delivered into the ceramic core of the appliance through natural convection. In this area, notwithstanding their resistance, allergens and microorganisms are destroyed by the high temperature of 200° C.

Equipment with Style

It seems that SIHRE will offer us plenty of stylish equipment for bars and restaurants, as well as hotel cosmetics. Beautiful, with emphasis on presentation and decoration is the bar and restaurant equipment of Box Max – Robiwoods. The company creates complete solutions for customers. " We can adjust the design to your ideas!", the specialists from the company commented.

LAVA Bulgaria will take care of the color mood in the restaurant. Among the abundance of products we can see the cast-iron bowl with two handles and a wooden stand, as well as the cast-iron oval plateau with a wooden stand. Both items have a double layer or three-layer enamel. They are suitable for preparation of any food, including acidic products, for serving, presentation, as well as for the use of metal tableware.

The luxury series of hotel cosmetics BOTANIKA, developed entirely with care for the nature, will impress visitors with their quality and style. Using a special kraft material for packaging and plant-based inks for labels, all products presented by the company Lithium, comply with the eco-aware concept.

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