Culinary events and chefs to conquer the capital city in the beginning of 2020

SIHRE 2020 will be the arena of GastronomiX

With a new format, enriched thematic scope and culinary witchcraft. In this context, from 28 to 31 January 2020, our capital will welcome the SIHRE exhibition. The International Forum will provide a professional platform for the HORECA sector at Inter Expo Center and for the first time in eight years it will be held independently. The key place is booked for the culinary events and the world class chefs.

SIHRE 2020 will be the arena of GastronomiX. As one of the most awaited culinary events, among its highlights of the event will be the Balkan cuisine and the environmental responsibilities of restaurants and  chefs.

The GastronomiX will bring together world names famous in the culinary world. Among them is Paolo Cassagrande, chef of the "Lasarte" restaurant in Barcelona, holding 3 Michelin stars. In his early years he used to work in restaurants in Italy and mastered his skills in Milan, London and Paris. Appointed at the forefront of the Ritz-Carlton M. B. in Abama, he won the first Michelin star for the restaurant. Together with Martin Berasategui he established the Lasarte restaurant in Barcelona – with three Michelin stars. Since 2016, he has been leading the gastronomic project of Monument Hotel, which includes the restaurants Lasarte and Oria – with three and one Michelin stars respectively.

GastronomiX 2020 will also be subjected to the culinary magic of chef Emil Minev. Having conducted prestigious restaurants in England, Dubai, Japan and the Maldives, currently he is the director of the Culinary Academy Le Cordon Bleu in London. Chief Minev is responsible for the selection of teachers in the Le Cordon Bleu academies and the approval of the talents in them.

Among the chefs is expected to come Nihad Mameledzhiya   from Bosnia and Herzegovina from the Fusion restaurant of Swissotel in Sarajevo. He founded the Association of Chief in Bosnia and Herzegovina. He developed his talent as chef for the Italian embassy in his country. He shares the philosophy of the eco gastronomic movement Slow Food. The GastronomiX will be joined by chef Altin Prenga from Albania – the owner of the legendary Mrizi I Zanave restaurant in Fista. He has been recognized in Italy as one of the food revolutionaries because of his contribution to the development of the farm production in the region.

SIHRE 2020, which will be deployed in four exhibition halls at Inter Expo center with more than 10 000 sq. m. of area, will become an arena for the national qualification for the most prestigious competition for young chefs Bocuse d'Or.

Nearly a month to go until the beginning of SIHRE 2020. Connoisseurs of good taste and culinary magic can make their free registration on