GastronomiX PRO 2017 - we prepare the future

GastronomiX PRO 2017 will be the only professional culinary forum  in the country to be held this year. It will organized for the second consecutive year in the framework of the SIHRE (specialized exhibition for hotel, restaurant, catering and spa equipment) at Inter Expo Center on 9 and 10 November 2017 at 10:00. AVA-M and METRO Bulgaria are the general sponsors of the event .

Who will be UniChef 2017?

Cooking is a pleasure sometimes mixed with love for food. But for professionals it is also a combination of inspiration, art, as well as one of the most important ingredients - knowledge about different products and cooking techniques. It will be an epic battle to select the best players, which will again be led by the experts during the UniChef culinary contest, to be held at the exhibition SIHRE 2017 from November 8th to 11th at Inter Expo Center.

Modern show cooking systems combine contemporary vision and technology

No doubt, trying to cook in front of an audience, we need to be both good culinary experts and natural-born showmen. But the key to creating culinary creations is the technique we have, cooking in front of an audience. For the creation of the most delicious dishes in a beautiful and functional setting, at SIHRE 2017, from November 8th to November 11th at Inter Expo Center, SIDIKA will present its solutions in Hall 5, B4.

SIDIKA presents the ice generators by HOSHIZAKI

It is widely known to anyone that ice is broadly used in modern day life. It can be seen everywhere - both in the form of an exquisite sculpture during an evening party, as well as in a glass of a fine drink and a cooling cocktail. But professionals who know the subtleties of creating quality ice know that it is important to have the best equipment. That is why at SIHRE 2017, which will be held from November 8th to 11th at Inter Expo Center, SIDIKA will present the products by HOSHIZAKI.

The bathroom fragrancies offered by Lithium

In order to make a pleasant stay for the hotel guests, the first impression when they accommodate in the room is crucial. It is therefore important for the hotel -keepers to carefully select their bathroom products, as this is where visitors can relax, enjoying their stay. At SIHRE 2017, Lithium will offer aromatic and relaxing bath products.

Coffееland with ideas for a healthier eating

Proper nutrition is essential for human health. Therefore, it is important that the products we consume are both of high quality and at the same time cooked in the best conditions. At the exhibition SIHRE 2017, which will be held from November 8th to November 11th at Inter Expo Center, Coffееland will present its offer –the slow-squeeze cold-pressing juicers by Hurom.