For the first time in Bulgaria: MULTIVAC presents Home

The MULTIVAC strong and durable packaging machines have proven their value and quality worldwide for more than 50 years – in food production and gastronomy. The company has over 5300 employees and 85 subsidiaries all over the world. The leading world manufacturer of packaging solutions for the trade sector and the industry will present during SIHRE, from 7 to 10 November in Inter Expo Center, for the first time in Bulgaria, the HOME chamber vacuum sealer.

The world of draught beer presents: BLADE from Heineken

There is nothing like a fresh, cold, just poured into the glass aromatic beer. The lovers of this incredible drink always note that when we are talking about first-class draught beer, it must be served with the same dedication and quality as the ones put into its production. Having developed to the maximum degree the technology and philosophy of draught beer, at SIHRE 2018 Heineken will present BLADE.

The business card for any restaurant – Real Cork Menu

All luxurious menus from the SUGHERO collection are made of real cork – an environmentally friendly material known for its durability. Cork is fire-resistant and can be cleaned and recycled. This is the luxurious menu collection by the Italian company, Menu Moda, part of ITN&Co is the official representative for Bulgaria of DAG Style.


AGAS - MEDICAL DEVICE & SKIN CARE provides non-surgical treatment with long-term visible results. The product will be presented at the SIHRE exhibition by Lidera Trading LTD. The results it delivers include strengthening structure, regulating cell cohesion and communication. In addition, it aids absorption and cell breathing, enhances proliferation, strengthens the muscles, boosts new blood vessel growth.

Wine, oh wine – it’s the beloved drink

Fine wine fascinates mankind for centuries with its aromas and flavors. This much enjoyed drink and its combination with food are the actual focus of the WiFo 2017 forum. The event is part of GASTRONOMIX 2017, which takes place within the SIHRE exhibition.

His Majesty The Chocolate – into the focus of attention !

It is not just a food product. As if it has a spirit that always makes us feel happy when we eat it. It possesses the incredible ability to transform into a variety of forms. This is His Majesty The Chocolate, which into the focus of attention of the master class "Transformations: Chocolate", which is part of the GastronomiX Culinary Forum, held at the international exhibition SIHRE at Inter Expo Center from November 8-11.

A modern author's version of Bulgarian traditional cuisine

Bulgarian traditional cuisine is globally recognized for its exclusivity, individuality, diversity and the combination of different products. But there are no boundaries  for the development of traditional cuisine in our modern age. This is proved by Chef Ivaylo Dimitrov through his author's version of authentic Bulgarian dishes. The master is among the speakers participating in the GastronomiX Culinary Forum, held at the SIHRE International Exhibition at Inter Expo Center from November 8-11.

We’ve got a winner at Bocuse d'Or Bulgaria 2017

Chef Nichola Nikolov won Bocuse d'Or Bulgaria 2017, the national qualification for the most prestigious professional culinary contest in the world, which took place on 9 November 2017, within the framework of SIHRE at Inter Expo Center - Sofia. In this tough and challenging battle behind the stoves he was assisted by Hristo Filyov from the team of Marinella Hotel Sofia, and his coach - Veselin Kalev, Chef of Rila Hotel in Borovets.

Virtuosity in Serving - practical workshop

The leader in restaurant equipment ReSol will organize a practical workshop during the international exhibition for hotel, restaurant, catering and spa equipment - SIHRE. It will be held from 8 to 11 November at Inter Expo Center.