Delicious on Friday or: for the chefs who we can see live today

Last day in the halls of the exhibition SIHRE 2020 and the culinary event GastronomiX 2020

When a chef from a restaurant with three Michelin stars, the culinary director of Le Cordon Bleu London and the culinary gurus are in our country, we cannot miss to go and see them. Well, today we have this chance. The event is GastronomiX and the venue – the SIHRE exhibition at Inter Expo Center.

Being a world-famous name, the culinary director of Le Cordon Bleu London Chef Emil Minev will give us ideas for creative dishes from non-pretentious products. On the last day of SIHRE 2020 – the exhibition dedicated to the Horeca sector, we will learn also how to achieve zero waste while creating dishes in the kitchen.

Sofia will be charmed by the magic of Paolo Casagrande, chef at Lasarte restaurant in Barcelona, awarded with three Michelin stars. He will hold his master class "Lasarte and its environment, our way to be and cook". Given his proven skills and his divine masterpieces, Paolo Casagrande hardly needs any special presentation. However... let us just mention that in his early years the culinary magician worked in restaurants in Italy and perfected his skills in Milan, London and Paris. As a manager of the Ritz-Carlton M. B. in Alabama, he won the first Michelin star for the restaurant. Together with Martin Berasategui he established the Lasarte restaurant in Barcelona. Since 2016, he is the leader of the gastronomic project of the Monument Hotel, which includes the restaurants Lasarte and Oria – with three and one Michelin stars respectively.

After Paolo Casagrande the stage will be taken over by Chef Umut Karakush. He will do his best on the theme "Balkan Cuisine with Anatolian taste".

Chief Georgi Boykovski will also join the constellation of world-famous chefs. The culinary master will introduce to us the topic "Bulgarian is fashionable or how the trendy business model corresponds to the social responsibility - the (r)evolution of contemporary Bulgarian cuisine.

This is the environment at the exhibition SIHRE 2020. Within four days, on an area of 10 000 sq. m Horeca Business event gives us the opportunity to meet up with star culinary names and introduces to us products of last generation. Digital solutions for hotel and restaurant managers, SPA equipment, machines, which are presented for the first time on the market. And a lot more.