Functional, digital menu with TABL

The TabL web platform provides a modern and innovative solution for the business, designed to meet customers needs.

In the web dynamic world, every single business needs to have a clear strategy for its development. It necessarily includes digitalization. According to a survey about the level of digitalization in Bulgaria, conducted by Siemens Bulgaria, about 35% of the surveyed companies share that they do not have any digital strategy whatsoever for their business. This may be perceived as worrying, but it is actually a potential field for huge development – especially if the customers of the business are mainly millennials or generation Z. These two generations expect to interact with companies in a much more digitally innovative way.

 TabL shares several statistics that provoke an immediate change in the way catering facilities operate: 

  • 86% of the millennials share that they would visit a restaurant if they can see in advance their menu online.
  • 74% of users share that they insist on an easyly readable and interactive menu.
  • 15% of the restaurants show an increase in sales after the implementation of a digital menu.
  • The digital menu can increase the sales of a restaurant by 3 to 5% only with the fact of its implementation.

 With the introduction of the new functionality to select and order products online on-site, the digital menu of TabL stands a step ahead of its competitors. Thanks to the fully automated process that makes it possible to digitalize the   menu on a hard copy and automatically translate it into a desired language in just a few seconds, makes its use convenient and preferred by the customers of the restaurants. Through the new functionality of the platform, customers re-focus their experience from waiting to order onto the interactive choice of the most suitable products for them. This gives them the feeling that they have full control over their order and creates an internal satisfaction for the choice of the catering facility.

You can learn more about the functionality closely: from 28 to 31 January the visitors of SIHRE 2020 will have the opportunity to try the system in real time. Since 2019 the company has expanded the range of systems with completely renewed, intelligent and tailored to the needs of their customers, booking system, in order to fully fill the capacity of the restaurant and minimize the loss of customers.

These and some other offers from TabL will be exhibited in Hall 3, Stand D5.