Horeca Sector at SIHRE exhibition – Mobile Applications for management and technology of the last generation

Connectivity and work optimization are two key components for the success of the companies in the industry

Only a few clicks are needed to minimize the time the customer has to wait for the order to be picked up. All you need is a smartphone to manage the devices in the hotel and the restaurant, as well as the SPA and fitness equipment and procedures, personalized more than ever. This is the modern Horeca sector. Here below you will find interesting information about the products of the last generation presented at SIHRE 2020. The international format dedicated to the Horeca sector from 28 to 31 January at Inter Expo Center will provide an opportunity to the companies in the restaurant, hotel, tourism and SPA business to meet their partners and customers.

Work optimization in the restaurant

The key role for the success of each catering facility is to quickly take the customer’s order and to provide a high quality service. The MyMenu mobile application will be one of the solutions at SIHRE 2020. The application presented by UnrealSoft bypasses the need for the customer to attract the waiter's attention. How does it work? The user scans the barcode from the table and downloads the application. The restaurant menu is automatically loaded and the visitor can learns different information about the offered dishes. The attention of the staff is attracted by just one single click on the button "Call the Waiter". In case of complaints or recommendations, the client can contact the manager.

Krebe-Tippo in combination with the Controller 516 Avant. The symbiosis between the two products illustrates the capabilities of smart technologies and their applicability in the Horeca sector. "Smart" washing machines Krebe-Tippo are presented by Horeca Trading and Service. With the 516 Avant Controller, the operator, wherever they are, is always connected to the machines and can set commands. The system allows to monitor the status of the machines and the error data and water and electricity consumption from a smartphone, tablet or smart-clock.

Fitness and SPA

Busy modern everyday life implies regular care for keeping the body in tome and maintaining high spirit. Therefore, the fitness and SPA are the key. Fitness equipment for athletes from Active Gym will be presented by Pulse Gym Shop. Modern appliances conform to the highest requirements for biomechanics, ergonomics, long service life and safety. The combined ActiveGym station features simple design, functionality and a variety of exercise options. The curved running path Active Gym Curve is driven and regulated by the trainee, and the Leg Press tool gives a sense of freedom, stretching the lower limbs along a closed kinetic chain.   

Let us forget about the stressful life... But – how? Let's try the “floatation” SPA procedure. For people who pay attention to their health, it is the accent of Spa Creative. Depending on the SPA Center needs, the company offers two types of flotation areas – a cabin or a specially equipped room. Both principles allow for 50-minute sessions in clean and hygienic water with 30% magnesium sulphate content. The liquid is with a body temperature; In the middle of the session the customer enjoys a weightless, quiet, calm and warming body environment. "It is estimated that one hour stay in the bath is equivalent to 4 hours of sleep", representatives of Spa Creative explain.

Here we would like to take time and to secure a stream of fresh air in the premises. At SIHRE 2020 the Horeca sector will be able to learn more about the features of AIRFREE – the air purifiers from the company EVANS. The product, applicable in public facilities, at home and in the office, has a patented technology that uses heat for purification. Contaminated air is involved in the ceramic core of the unit through natural air convection. In this zone, regardless of its resistance, allergens and microorganisms are destroyed at a temperature of 200° C. The appliance does not use filters, does not need cleaning or maintenance, it is completely silent and has low electricity consumption. 

Cleanliness and environmental friendliness

The modern HORECA sector requires from the companies to create products and consumables that meet the environmental requirements. This is the philosophy of SHAPE Smart Water Solutions – SHAPE WАTER. For the restaurant and the hotel, the product gives the opportunity to give up the mineral water in plastic bottles, serving their own clean and fresh water in elegant and branded with their own logo reusable glass bottles. The system is installed on the worktop, it purifies the water from the central water supply line with three-stage filtration of the last generation, removes up to 99.9% of particulate pollutants (of a size 0.5 microns), removes unpleasant odors, unwanted tastes, provides antibacterial protection and produces carbonated, cold water and water with room temperature.

Caring for the nature, the  CONSUMATIV sacks and bags have been created. The alternative products are created on a plant-based basis – they are made from maize. As they are biodegradable and recyclable, they protect the environment and water.

Sustainability will also be an important element of the accompanying program, too. GastronomiX 2020 will be among the events, which will bring together famous chefs, as well as the most prestigious competition for young chefs Bocuse d'Or. Famous lecturers from different fields will take part in both workshops "Digital workshop for hotel and restaurant managers" and "Discussions with hotel managers: How to create a successful hotel?".

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