Rotowash machines produce unrivalled levels of cleanliness

The combination of contra-rotating brushes and the gravity feed water system allows Rotowash machines to produce unrivalled levels of cleanliness. Its main advantage is the movement back and forth.

The movable handle ensures accessibility even under desks. The high speed of the roller brushes helps the machine to leave the cleaned surface dry. Different types of specialty brushes helps the machine to producing high quality wash, scrub and clean on all types of floor surfaces. From carpets and soft coverings, flexible brushes extract dirt, leaving them clean, well maintained and dry for minutes.

Toni Fil Ltd specializes in the production of non-woven vacuum cleaner bags, import, distribution and service of a comprehensive range of cleaning equipment and supplies:

  • professional vacuum cleaners
  • scrubbing machines
  • sweeping machines
  • detergents and disinfectants
  • wide range of cleaning accessories and equipment
  • rental of cleaning equipment

Toni Fil Ltd is the official representative and service partner of the companies PACHICO, HAAGA, TMB, FIMAP, SANTOEMMA, MOPATEX, SYNCLEAN, IPC.