Digital marketing in favor of the hotel industry at SIHRE

To make the customers find exactly your hotel, to reach as many target groups as possible, to prepare the best advertising campaign which would attract more customers, join the digital marketing workshop for hotel and restaurant managers during SIHRE 2020.

On the first individual SIHRE edition of the "Back to the Future", 28-31 January, the organizers from Inter Expo Center put emphasis on the new technologies in the hotel and restaurant business and the tricks how to gain a more successful reputation.

The main topics will be the most common SEO errors in the hotels and restaurants websites, how to talk to followers and customers online in 2020 year. Facebook Chatbots can be a winning approach for the industry at a time when social networks and online space are overwhelmed with information, offers and advertisements of hotels and restaurants.

"How to get eminent foreign travel partners that will help you to sell more rooms and tours" Milan Stoykovic from Etourism Consulting, Serbia will share.

An extremely important condition for sales is the successful online reputation management - the key to success for hotels and restaurants in 2020.

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The world of digital marketing will help your business.


13:00 – 13:30 – Registration & Welcome Coffee

13:30 – 14:00- "Common SEO errors in hotel and restaurant websites" – Lecturer Georgi Stefanov (Ganbox)

14:00 – 14:30-"How to talk to followers and customers online in 2020?" – Lecturer Nikolay Yorgov (Stellary Agency)

14:30 – 15:00 – Coffee break

15:00 – 15:30 – "Facebook chatbots" – Lecturer Blagoy Nikushev (Zebra Digital)

15:30 – 16:00 – "How to get eminent foreign travel partners that will help you to sell more rooms and tours " - Lecturer Milan Stoykovic  (Etourism Consulting, Serbia);

16:00 – 16:30 – "Online reputation management – The key to success for hotels and restaurants in 2020" – Lecturer Konstantin Zankov (Travel Mind)


Georgi Stefanov (Ganbox)

Subject:  "Common SEO errors in hotel and restaurant websites ".

Georgi Stefanov is the founder of "Ganbox - finding your website easily", one of the leading websites for SEO services in Bulgaria. MSc in Informatics, he has been involved in computers since 1988, in developing software professionally since 1998, and dealing with Web technologies since 2002. He has been working for 14 years as a backend programmer in a leading telecommunication company. He has extensive experience in business sites optimization. He works on projects related to the development of large-scale Web services and applications for famous brands such as A1, Orbitel, SpectorNet and as a marketing consultant in the international company ActivTrades. He has experience with the implementation of online booking and payment systems. Stefanov is one of the top SEO experts in Bulgaria, and together with his SEO team they have performed a technical SEO audit of hundreds of sites. For more than 12 years he has successfully developed his Web projects and works with Bulgarian and international companies to constantly improve their sites and to increase online sales.

Nikolay Yorgov (Stellary Agency)

Topic: "How to talk to followers and customers online in 2020?"

Nikolay Yorgov - marketing consultant with more than 10 years of experience in the marketing and business development of leading companies and products. Over the years, he has been a major part of several major agencies.

He has worked for brands and companies such as Procter & Gamble, Mondelez (Kraft Foods), Nestle, L'Oreal, Ficosota, NOVA Broadcasting Group and many others.

For 4 years successfully manages and develops his own advertising agency for customized online & offline solutions – Stellary Agency.


Blagoy Nikushev (Zebra Digital)

Topic: "Facebook chatbots"

Blagoy Nikushev is the owner and manager of the digital agency for integrated services "Zebra Digital", the largest Bulgarian WIFI advertising network, as well as the platform for online trainings He is a leading expert in digital marketing, consults and creates strategies for the development of leading companies in their respective segment, such as COMSED, Address real Estates, Andrews and others. He is a producer of branded video content and branded online courses.

Milan Stoykovic (Etourism Consulting, Serbia)

Subject: "How to get eminent foreign travel partners that will help you to sell more rooms and tours"

Milan Stoykovic is an experienced lecturer with more than 100 lectures and presentations on topics related to online marketing in the field of tourism. Stoykovic leads the marketing agency  Etourism Consulting, which provides services for online digital marketing in the tourism and hospitality business. Etourism Consulting provides services to customers from the USA, Australia, Italy, Chile, Mexico and the Balkan region-Serbia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Croatia.


Konstantin Zankov (Travel Mind)

Topic: "Online reputation management - the key to success for hotels and restaurants in 2020"

Konstantin Zankov is an expert in the field of marketing, business development and online reputation. He has more than 10 years managerial and entrepreneurial experience in various business areas in the tourism sector, among which hotels and restaurants. He is the founder of the company Travel Mind, which provides marketing and consultancy services to travel companies from Bulgaria, Europe and the USA. Zankov is a business development consultant of numerous companies, as well as tutor and lecturer on topics related to marketing and management in higher schools and during professional events. He also participates in various research projects and has scientific publications.