Active Gym  -  Fitness Equipment for Athletes

Professional equipment for fitness centers will be exhibited to visitors to the international Exhibition for hotel, restaurant, catering and SPA equipment Sihre 2020, which will be open from 28 to 31 January at Inter Expo Center.

The devices of the Active Gym series, which will be displayed at the stand of Pulse Gym Shop, are designed for athletes and meet the highest requirements for biomechanics, ergonomics, long service life and safety, ensuring the best sports achievements. The combined ActiveGym station unites clean design, functionality and the ability to do various exercises.

Active Gym Dual 4 Station offers compact appliances that do not take too much space and are an ideal addition for the home, gym, or office.

The curved treadmill Active Gym Curve is another interesting offer that is driven and adjusted by the athletes. It quickly accelerates after the start and runs at the same speed as the athlete. The absence of an engine means lower operating costs and a reduction in greenhouse gas discharges into the atmosphere.

The tool Leg Press on the other hand gives you a sense of freedom and helps you to stretch your lower limbs along in a closed kinetic chain. It is ideal for increasing the mass of the quadriceps muscle, the muscles in the back of the thighs and the gluteal muscles. The rotation trajectory of the discs provides the best resistance profile, which increases when the legs get closer to full stretching. The foot platform increases the variety of the exercises performed. Thanks to the handles configuration and the position of the foot platform, the non-triggered leg is comfortably plalced during the athlete’s practicing.    

The Pulse Gym Shop exhibit their  fitness equipment at Stand А11 in Hall 4.