"Floatation" SPA procedure – for people who care about their health

SPA is the main accent in the new concept of SIHRE exhibition. Among the proposals in 2020 are the premises for the "flotation" procedure, presented by Spa Creative.

Depending on the needs of the SPA Center, the company offers two types of flotation spaces. Customers can choose between a cabin and a specially equipped room.

The procedure

"Flotation as an innovative spa procedure allows us to forget about the stressful daily life, fatigue and stress", representatives of Spa Creative say. And they add: "With this therapy you relax, feeling that you are floating  and are insubstantial".

Floating tubs and cabins allow for 50-minute sessions in clean and hygienic water with a content of 30% of MgSO4 (magnesium sulphate). The liquid has a body temperature, and if necessary, at the beginning and end of the program are included therapies with light, sound and aromas. In the middle of the session the client enjoys a weightless, quiet, calm and warm body environment, resembling a womb. The lack of light relaxes the senses and helps to achieve a state of deep meditation. MgSO4 and floating positively affect the body, skin, muscles, joints and spine. Deep relaxation of the body leads to calming of breathing and cardiac activity, improved blood circulation and endorphins outflow, people from the company explain.

Flotation enriched with Epsom salts can help for muscle and bone problems, diseases, pain, stress and depression, sleep problems   and exhaustion, stimulate personal development. "It is believed that one hour stay in the bath is equivalent to 4 hours of sleep", noted from Spa Creative.

Whom is the flotation procedure intended for?: 

- For all people who care about their health, want to rest, handle stress, learn to meditate and experience the floating

- athletes, sportsmen, busy businessmen

- Hotels wishing to offer something new and innovative

- Spa centers, day spa centers wishing to add some extra services

- Sports and wellness centers, beauty and health centers