Clean Air – with AIRFREE

Air quality is in direct relation to good health. As an exhibition, where companies present the most up-to-date and high-tech solutions, at SIHRE 2020 Horeca sector you will have the chance to learn more about the features of AIRFREE – the air purifier that EVANS will present. 

"AIRFREE is a natural solution to problems related to allergy, asthma, frequent viral infections, mold or polluted air," representatives of the company explained. The product holds a patented and tested technology that uses only heat to purify the air.

Contaminated air is engaged in the ceramic core of the unit through natural air convection. In this area, regardless of its resistance, allergens and microorganisms are destroyed by the high temperature of 200°C. The appliance does not use filters, does not need cleaning or maintenance, it is completely silent and has low power consumption. Moreover, it guarantees 99% removal of allergens of dust mites, allergens of pets, pollen, viruses, bacteria, mold, fungi and organic and residual odors (cigarette smoke, mold smell, cooked, preparations, stale air, etc.); Removes contaminants in the enclosed spaces and stops the spread of mold. "AIRFREE has received various awards because of its qualities", EVANS’ representatives noted.


In the office, at home, in public places – places where the product can be used are so many.... AIRFREE is also applicable in storage rooms for fruits and vegetables, hotels, childcare facilities and schools, doctors ' offices, libraries, museums, etc.

AIRFREE will be presented by the company EVANS in Hall 2, Stand А24.