Elegance, functionality and environmental friendliness brought together in SHAPE WATER

The modern HORECA sector requires from the companies to create products and consumables that meet both ecological and growing and refined consumer requirements. This is exactly the proposal of SHAPE Smart Water Solutions, which will be presented at Inter Expo Center during SIHRE 2020.

SHAPE WАTER is a service for restaurant and hospitality businesses, showing a desire to be maximally environmentally friendly and distinguished from competitors. The product allows the companies to give up mineral water in plastic bottles and to serve their own, clean and fresh water in elegant and branded with their own logo reusable glass bottles.

"The idea is inspired by the fast-growing trend among the prestigious restaurants in Italy and England, caring for both the customers and the environment", commented from the company.


The product on which the company will put the focus , uses a system that provides carbonated cold water and cold and water at room temperature. The system purifies the water from the central water pipeline with three-stage filtration of the last generation, removes up to 99.9% of particulate pollutants (size 0.5 microns), eliminates unpleasant odors, unwanted tastes; it provides antibacterial protection, cools and aerates the water.

The system is installed on the worktop, and if the surface space is limited, the cooling unit is installed under the bar, on which a compact and elegant dispenser is placed.

"Using SHAPE WATER in your restaurant, you create an even more stylish look at the tables. The elegant glass bottles, branded with the restaurant logo, add style and make the customer experience better ", the company emphasize.

The introduction of the product in the daily activity reduces the use of plastic materials, avoids the monthly transport costs and the need for storage areas and refrigerators. The company activity is facilitated by the elimination of the processes of inventory tracking, orders and acceptance of deliveries. In addition, the desired effect of higher social responsibility is achieved, as carbon emissions are reduced.

SHAPE Smart Water Solutions will present their innovative solution in Hall 1, Stand A2.