Cooking together with Vera 94

They are high-tech. They make their own decisions. And they can be controlled remotely – through your smartphone, tablet, or computer. These are the technological cooking systems that Vera 94 will introduce to us at SIHRE 2020.

The first product that attracts our attention could possibly be the steam convection oven SelfCookingCenter of Rational. The cooking system senses, recognizes and thinks while in operation. "SelfCookingCenter thinks in perspective, learns and communicates with you", representatives of the company comment. Its properties allow to apply different cooking techniques - grilling, frying, baking, steaming, sauteing, blanching and poaching, no matter if we prepare meat, fish, poultry, vegetables, dishes with eggs, casseroles or desserts, 30 or several thousand of servings. "This cooking system is your universal assistant in the restaurant, hotel, catering facility, public or systematic nutrition", the specialists from Vera 94 commented.

Rational also offers the remote access feature "ConnectedCooking". It allows to control all connected devices using a computer, smartphone or tablet. Thank to this function, the setting time and the HACCP data capture is reduced. 

For quick baking

For best results in the kitchen, the company will offer us the fast baking oven TurboChef. The machine is flexible in terms of the volume of products it can create, and thanks to the implemented technologies it saves energy, prepares the products quickly without compromising the quality of the food.

The new dimension in cooking

VarioCooking Center multificiency. This is the name of the RATIONAL cooking system. Reaching a new dimension in cooking, VarioCooking Center multificiency combines the functions of a turntable pan, a cauldron for brewing, an oven and a deep fryer in a multifunctional appliance. The process of cooking is three times faster, the saved food, space, water and energy are respectively 10%, 30%, 70% and 40%.

The product offerings from Vera 94 will be exhibited in Hall 2, Stand A3.