Pressure fryer and blast chiller reduce production costs

Better products have to do with reduced operating costs. In support of this assertion, the company Vera 94 will present at SIHRE 2020 innovative products and solutions for the HORECA sector.

The company will present to the audience the BROASTER pressure fryer. The food is prepared in it at a controlled pressure in an airtight environment. The food is more juicy and fragrant, the consumption of oil is reduced, and the cooking time is shortened, thus reducing the energy costs. Also, thanks to the high productivity, a faster return on investment is achieved.

Smart MultiFresh

Among the product offerings of Vera 94 we will also see the MultiFresh blast chiller/freezer of IRINOX. The Intelligent multifunctional appliance has a 7-zone touch display. "Thanks to the easy  control and intuitive menu, you can control all unique features and programs with just one touch", representatives of the company comment. MultiFresh allows:

- blast chilling

- blast freezing

- defrosting

- regeneration by heating

- pasteurisation

- paste dough

- low-temperature cooking

- storage at a set temperature

- "Chocolate"

The company identifies the eight reasons why customers would choose IRINOX: it reduces labor costs, facilitates pre-preparation, increases production quality, reduces hygiene risks, prolongs shelf life, accelerates food preparation, reduces the cost of the final product and reduces the amount of scrapped products.

Vera 94 will present their product offers in Hall 2, Stand A3.