Technological offers by Vera 94

Technological and highly efficient. This is how the products for the bar and kitchen equipment, offered by Vera 94 to the horeca sector are called.

The exhibition SIHRE 2018 will be the place where the company will present their GRANULDISK washing machines. For the washing process, plastic granules, water and a small amount of detergent are used. The mechanical action of the granules achieves 30,000 strokes per second. In combination with high working temperatures, the dishes are washed without pre-soaking, less water, energy and chemicals are consumed.

Vera 94 also takes care of optimal storage conditions. Therefore, among its proposals this year will be the IRINOX's MultiFresh blast chiller /freezer. "The device combines intelligence and versatility," the company says. The machine is easy to operate thanks to the 7-touch display. The menu is intuitive, and features such as Blast Chill, Shock Thaw, Thaw and Heat Regeneration are set with just a few touches. Through the intuitive menu, you can control different features.

MultiFresh enables: 

* Blast chill;

* Shock freeze;

* Thaw;

* Regeneration by heating;

* Pasteurization; * Dough raising; * Low temperature cooking; * Storage at set temperature; * "Chocolate" 8 reasons to choose IRINOX * Reduces labor costs; * Facilitates pre-training; * Improves production quality; * Reduces hygienic risks; * Extends shelf life; * Accelerates preparation of food; * Reduces the cost of the final product; * Reduces production waste.

All Vera 94 offers can be found in Hall 5, Stand A 4.