Modern high-tech fast food equipment from SIDIKA

Fast food is a niche characterized by exceptional prospects and opportunities for development. In order to leave the clients satisfied, they need to receive a high-quality product; and this can be done only by using next generation machines and equipment.

Placing high technologies first and aiming to meet market demands, during SIHRE exhibition this year, SIDIKA company will present a wide variety of fast food machines and equipment.

Within the event, automatic grills will be presented, which can be programmed to grill the product on both sides at the same time. The grill opens automatically and integrated modern technologies enhance performance by 50%. The system is compatible with gas and electric grills, the surface can be smooth or relief and allows individual setting.

And more automation...

In the spirit of high technologies and automation, SIDIKA will also present an automatic fryer. It is equipped with a programmable control system with 3 or 9 programmes. The basket above the pan also lifts automatically. The pan capacity is 22 litres or 2 х 11 litres and has a large cold zone. A filtering system for the processed oil can be ordered optionally.

Another product presented in parallel is the Coreco Saladette 2 Deurs 375 Liter refrigerated counter. The refrigerator showcase offers maximum visibility of the products, equipped with LED-lights, decorative glaze lid, working plot from anti-bacterial plastic.

The interior and exterior are made of stainless steel with round edges. The doors have removable seal and magnetic strip closing system. Working temperature is within 0 to + 8 С, at ambient temperature of 32 С. For optimal conditions, the system is equipped with a digital thermo regulator and automatic defreeze option.

SIDIKA company will present its technological solutions in Hall 5, Stand В 6.