Vacuum packing as the optimal solution for product storage; product offers by COLORATO-VRANAS D. IOANNIS

Proper product storage is directly related to preserving their properties. For optimal results, at SIHRE 2018, COLORATO-VRANAS D. IOANNIS will present its product offers.

The company will highlight the vacuum sealer SOUS VIDE COLORATO CLSV-1500B. It is equipped with a 1500W motor. Clean design, constructed from stainless steel elements. The machine is equipped with a multi-functional LCD display. For optimal end results, an alarm is built in CLSV-1500B which detects low water levels. The vacuum sealing machine has IPx7 waterproof rating and a memory function. The device operates within the temperature range 5-99 °C, time range 0-99 hours, and the volume offered – up to 30 litres.

The company will also present the COLORATO CLVM-36 machine. It is equipped with a 150W motor and ABS material body, operating width – up to 35 cm. It has an integrated slot for placing a bag and a knife for cutting to the desired sizes. Operating pressure is 75kpa min up to - 85kpa max and a vacuuming mode for dry and wet food. 

Another highlight in the company presentation is The COMMERCIAL CHAMBER VACUUM SEALER COLORATO CLVM-980CS. It has a 950W motor. Operating length is 29 cm, and width - 5 mm. It is suitable for smooth bags, but can also be used with ordinary bags. The chamber is 350x300x110 mm, and vacuuming pressure -29.8”Hg / -1009 mbar. In addition, a vacuuming model for dry and wet food is offered, which preserves the food fresh up to five times longer. The ceramic infrared heaters CLHR-150A, 180A, 240A and 320A will also be in the spotlight. Their power is 1500W, 1800W, 2400W and 3200W, respectively.

The right packaging for optimal storage

COLORATO-VRANAS D. IOANNIS will also offer customers a variety of vacuum packages. They include vacuum seal and roll up relief bags.

Their internal layer is made of polyethylene, suitable for food product storage. Maximum cooking temperature is 100 ° C, and the bags are suitable for vacuum devices for outside application. The bags come in the following sizes: 15 cm x 25 cm, 20 cm x 30 cm, 25 cm x 35 cm and 30 cm x 40 cm.

You can find all products offered by COLORATO-VRANAS D. IOANNIS in Hall 6, Stand В1.