Wine, oh wine – it’s the beloved drink

Fine wine fascinates mankind for centuries with its aromas and flavors. This much enjoyed drink and its combination with food are the actual focus of the WiFo 2017 forum. The event is part of GASTRONOMIX 2017, which takes place within the SIHRE exhibition.

"Bulgaria is entering a new era with regard to wine," the lecturers said. According to them, in our country there is an increasing culture of consuming the encharming drink and combining it with different types of foods.

Sparkling wine was among the highlights of WiFo 2017. The audience in the room were curious to learned that it acts as a cleansing agent. And even more, according to experts in this drink, sparkling wine is the best "friend" of all kinds of food.

During the forum, there were also shown best practices from our country. One of them is Marin Marinov small family shop. He specialized in selling only Bulgarian wines from small wineries.

The SIHRE exhibition, which takes place in parallel with MEATMANIA, THE WORLD OF MILK, BULPEK, SALON DE VIN and INTERFOOD & DRINK, will continues on Saturday, November 11th. The doors will be open for visitors until 16.00.