His Majesty The Chocolate – into the focus of attention !

It is not just a food product. As if it has a spirit that always makes us feel happy when we eat it. It possesses the incredible ability to transform into a variety of forms. This is His Majesty The Chocolate, which into the focus of attention of the master class "Transformations: Chocolate", which is part of the GastronomiX Culinary Forum, held at the international exhibition SIHRE at Inter Expo Center from November 8-11.

The list of speakers included Radi Stambolov and Bobby Ekzarhov, Bulgarian top confectioners. During the event they revealed many of the secrets and qualities of chocolate. At the beginning of the event they presented a unique 3D chocolate printer that can create different models. Besides tempered chocolate, it can also fabricate products from yellow cheese, cheese and pates.

Frozen chocolate air

In front of the audience, the two virtuosos demonstrated different creations. There were presented the qualities of "frozen chocolate air". It requires simple products  but it is of prime importance what preparation technique you use and its subsequent storage at low temperature until the final product is formed. "When served, it does not fall apart, and the texture is exceptional," commented Bobby Ekzarhov.

The masters presented White chocolate plastic ganache with injected gelatin that makes your senses melt. The sweet temptation shaped according to the form desired by the cooks is made due to the ingredients. Among the temptations of the top-level confectioners was the Chocolate Creameux, sprinkled with tangerines.

The SIHRE exhibition, which takes place in parallel with MEATMANIA, THE WORLD OF MILK, BULPEK, SALON DE VIN and INTERFOOD & DRINK, will also continue on Saturday, November 11th. The doors will be open for visitors until 16.00.