A modern author's version of Bulgarian traditional cuisine

Bulgarian traditional cuisine is globally recognized for its exclusivity, individuality, diversity and the combination of different products. But there are no boundaries  for the development of traditional cuisine in our modern age. This is proved by Chef Ivaylo Dimitrov through his author's version of authentic Bulgarian dishes. The master is among the speakers participating in the GastronomiX Culinary Forum, held at the SIHRE International Exhibition at Inter Expo Center from November 8-11.

"I want to combine products ,however keeping to authenticity," announced Ivaylo Dimitrov in front of the audience, reminding that the roots and traditions should not be forgotten. Together with Chef Petar Atanasov, he made a live demonstration of  two traditional recipes from the Danube regional cuisine, focusing on the Rousse region. Rousse's regional cuisine is insufficiently studied, he said, reminding them of its characteristics - with traditional Bulgarian ideas ,however influenced by the Austro-Hungarian cuisine.

The first recipe, presented by the chef known as "one of the most unusual chefs in our country", was catfish with fresh milk. "It's no problem for me to prepare fish products with milk, on the contrary," he said, pointing out the characteristic of milk to add better taste to 4catfish. He added to the river fish pimento, bay leaf and salt, garnished with sauteed mushrooms with asparagus and smoked mushrooms to create a balance in the dish.

A modern recipe version dating back to from 1907 was presented to the guests. Ivaylo Dimitrov presented his author's version of traditional crunchy meatballs prepared in the beginning of the 20th century from minced meat, sauerkraut and cheese.

SIHRE is held in parallel with the exhibitions MEATMANIA, THE WORLD OF MILK, BULPEK, SALON DE VIN and INTERFOOD & DRINK. The exhibitions’ doors will be open to visitors also on Friday, November 10th, from 9.30 am to 6.30 pm, and on 11 November – until 4 pm