The solution of ELTRADE INVENTORY, making inventory a quick and easy process

We need to take an inventory of the equipment, office furniture, computers, and the rest of the equipment our organization operates with. We have discarded a couple of devices, while others have changed their location. There are a few days left until the financial statement is submitted, a mandatory part of which is the reference to fixed tangible assets.

We face several problems. Inventory involves a large number of employees, which costs time and money. The manually registration of so many different types, sizes, and locations, done item by item, suggests a risk of mistakes. We lose precious time in search of displaced and sometimes lost assets. As we search, we count and record items by hand, thus preventing our colleagues from doing their job.

How to deal with this situation? During SIHRE 2017, which will be held from 8 to 11 November at Inter Expo Center, ELTRADE INVENTORY will present a solution. This is the contactless inventory system developed by the company. The solution offers the fastest, easiest and most accurate way of registering tangible fixed assets in each organization.

Optimization of the process

Designed to optimize the process, ELTRADE INVENTORY software saves time, human resources and means. Based on Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology, it is the most modern and efficient solution, with which inventory is no longer a long and unpleasant process, but a simplified operation with a predictable positive outcome.

The contactless inventory uses a radio link between a reading device and an electronic label that works similar to the bar code, but stores much more information. The information is read remotely by the reader processing it in a computer format.

The RFID identification allows objects to be scanned at significantly longer distances and without direct visibility. Simultaneously, a large number of assets are identified, which greatly accelerates the process. The system solves problems with search and localization of objects, while preventing abuses and unwanted errors. Fully compatible with all accounting software and information systems.

The ELTRADE INVENTORY finds application in retail outlets, hotels, banks, schools and universities, libraries, healthcare facilities, manufacturing companies, virtually any organization that owns tangible fixed assets that are subject to reporting. The software solution provider is Eltrade, a manufacturer of cash registers, commercial software and consumables.

The company offers bargains that can be found at SIHRE Exhibition in Hall 6, Booth A3.