CWS-boco International to present an automatic dispenser for hand drying

Innovation and ecology are at the heart of the modern and technological solutions of the 21st century. CWS-boco International, trying to keep in line with its ambition to protect nature, will present its numerous proposals at the SIHRE exhibition, to be held from 8 to 11 November at Inter Expo Center - Sofia.

The company offers its automatic hand drying dispenser with a Paradise Dry Slim fabric towel dispenser. "The use of paper when drying hands leads to unexpected parasitic costs and wasteful waste of expensive paper," comment from CWS-boco International. The dispenser features a 35-meter roll of textile cloth, woven from 100% cotton fibers, guaranteeing 110 times of use. Among the benefits of this type of drying is that it does not leave behind waste and does not lead to logistics services by the personnel, such as waste basket, floor cleaning and other inconveniences accompanying the use of paper.

Using fabric towel eliminates any doubt concerning insufficient hygiene. The towel is washed in professional washing machines at 60 ° C and is pressed at over 120 °. It is then automatically rolled onto a special machine before it is sent to the customer. The modern appliance is easy to maintain, controls the consumption of the towel with a delay mechanism and is neutral to waste.

The company will present its products in Hall 5, Booth D9.