Self-cleaning toilet seat - at the sbooth of CWS-boco International

Besides being the age of hi-tec, the XXI century is characterized by the ambition to preserve environment. Conservation of resources and protection of nature is also the fundament of the philosophy of CWS-boco International, a participant in the SIHRE exhibition, to be held from 8 to 11 November at Inter Expo Center.

Among the many products by the company will be the CLEAN SEAT self-cleaning toilet seat. "The main problem in public sanitation is the lack of comfort in use because of doubts on hygiene and bacterial protection," comment from the company.

CLEAN SEAT has found the balance between efficiency, hygiene and protection. After each use, the seat rotates 360 degrees under a brush soaked with a solution. Thanks to this, the next client uses a clean toilet seat. Of course, before each use, everyone can trigger the sensor of the mechanism and the seat to be cleaned within 15-20 seconds before his eyes. With one container, the toilet seat can be cleaned 1200 times, and the 8 batteries last up to 5000 cycles.

The company will present its products in Hall 5, Booth D9.