SIDIKA presents the ice generators by HOSHIZAKI

It is widely known to anyone that ice is broadly used in modern day life. It can be seen everywhere - both in the form of an exquisite sculpture during an evening party, as well as in a glass of a fine drink and a cooling cocktail. But professionals who know the subtleties of creating quality ice know that it is important to have the best equipment. That is why at SIHRE 2017, which will be held from November 8th to 11th at Inter Expo Center, SIDIKA will present the products by HOSHIZAKI.

The Japanese brand for ice generators is a symbol of high efficiency, reliability, harmless production and environmentally friendly products producing clean ice with a long life.

The extensive list of machines that HOSHIZAKI manufactures offer include Cube Ice, Cube Ice, Cylinder Ice, Crescent Ice, Flake Ice, Nugget Ice, Shuttle Ice, Ice Ball, Star Ice, Heart Shaped and Ice Dispenser. Among the products there are suitable devices for small cafes and bars as well as large modular machines - for industrial purposes.

Especially for this year's edition of SIHRE, SIDIKA will present the "jewel" of the ice shapes - the sphere created by the machine IM 65 LE. Customers will also find the mini-AM-20 SAE as well as the KM-35 A featuring a doubled capacity.

The products offered by SIDIKA can be found in Hall 5, Booth B4.