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Diogen Ltd. is a textile company founded in 1996, offering a wide range of textile materials, betting on uncompromising service and quality.

Over the years, the company has expanded its product range to include cotton fabrics and blends, and consequently finished products for hotel and restaurant businesses. The products are specifically developed to meet the high demands of hotel owners, guest houses, spa salons, hairdressing salons, swimming pools, yachts and catering establishments.

DIOGEN has a production base for finished products and a wide range of bed linen, towels, mattress protectors, hotel slippers, duvets and pillows, a logistics and transport departments with its own vehicles, allowing flexibility and fast delivery. The company has sales offices in Bulgaria, Greece, Romania, North Macedonia, Serbia, as well as a developed trading network in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

DIOGEN controls the process from the purchasing of the raw materials to the expedition of finished products. Laboratory tests are carried out at each stage of production.

The chemicals used are Azo-free, formaldehyde and PH controlled, which ensures safe and quality sleep.

All products have OEKO-TEX Sertificate (www.oeko-tex.com).

ISO-9001 certified.

DOGEN successfully partners with one of the oldest companies in Greece offering curtains, fabrics, accessories for curtains and tablecloths – BONNE BLANCHE, to provide its customers a full range of textiles and solutions for all in the HORECA sector.

With over 60 years of history and constant development, our Greek partners offer uncompromising quality, wide range of design, competitive prices and excellent service. With more than 1100 customers from all over Greece, Cyprus, the Balkans and the countries of the former Eastern bloc, BONNE BLANCHE specializes in serving demanding clients.

In order to offer a full range of products to the hotel owners, DIOGEN partners with ECON_91 Ltd., a company which uses a unique technology for manufacturing a latex foam cores for mattresses and pillows, guaranteeing high quality. Their products are certified for non-appearance of harmful substances and chemicals in accordance to the German OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Class I.

The combination of strict control, high quality materials, modern technology and a team of qualified specialists explains the success of ECON- 91, both on Bulgarian and international market, in countries such as Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Russia, USA, Turkey, Spain, France, Poland, Korea and others.



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Sihre 2022
Sihre 2022