ASA 2000

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ASA 2000 GROUP  LTD is a Bulgarian manufacturer with over 20 years of experience in production of signs, displays and POS materials. The company is located in Sofia and operates in the domestic market, so as in many countries worldwide. The production base and the warehouse are settled on an area of 4000 sq. meters.

Our company is a tailor made producer. All our items are based on the unique clients’ designs or on our own ideas made into the creation workshop. During the years we have worked for many of the biggest brands and due to our quality products, high service and good communication, we succeed to make long-lasting partnerships.

With our experience we know exactly what the point of sale requires and we can create a project that will present your products in the best possible way.

Our experts are involved at each stage of the process collaborating across departments to maintain the highest standarted.


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