Bulgaria Rousse, 63, Borisova Str.
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DIOGEN LTD. is a textile company founded in 1996, offering a wide range of textile materials, betting on uncompromising service and quality.

Over the years, the company has expanded its product range by incorporating cotton fabrics and blends, and consequently finished products for hotel and restaurant businesses. The products are specifically developed to meet the high demands of homeowners, spa salons, hairdressing salons, swimming pools, yachts, hotels and catering establishments.

Diogen has a production base for finished products, a logistics and transport department with its own vehicles, allowing flexibility and quick response. The company has sales offices in Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Serbia, Romania, Greece, England, Germany, as well as a developed trading network in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Diogen controls the purchasing of the raw materials until the expedition of finished products, and laboratory tests are carried out at each stage of production.

The chemicals used are Azo-free, formaldehyde and PH controlled, which ensures harmlessness and quality sleep.

All products have OEKO-TEX (www.oeko-tex.com).

ISO-9001 certified.



+359 88 604 9038