Bulgaria 5400 Sevlievo, 12, Magistralna Str.; Sofia, 33, Zhitnitsa Str.
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MIRA-N is a leading export and import - hotel, restaurant , catering, bar and homeware equipment company, based in Bulgaria.We are a family owned company founded in1993 and ever since then

we have been growing and developing to become one of the leading HORECA distributors in Bulgaria and in recent years on the international market.

Over the past 25 years we have accumulated an extensive, ever-changing and growing selection of over 16 000 types of goods. Our goods are carefully selected with the latest trends and needs ,

imported and sourced from over 100 reliable and well respected factories from countries such as Italy , Russia, China, India , Turkey, Thailand, Brazil ,Colombia and the European Union.

The individual attention that we provide to each and every one of our clients is in the core of our values as a company. Our balance between price, quality and design is a guarantee for a successful relationship with our clients, as well as maintaining our development and growth as a company.

We have our own purpose build warehouses and showrooms in Sevlievo, Veliko Tyrnovo, Plovdiv and Sofia as well as distributors all over the country and internationally . Our widespread coverage

ensures speedy order processing, flexibility and reliability when it comes to delivering our goods and providing good service.

As an innovative and trustworthy company , Mira-N has gained the trust of some of the biggest department stores and hypermarkets in Bulgaria.

We are looking forward to welcoming new partners and clients from all over the world!


0675 3 01 93; 02 975 40 48
0879 63 55 23; 0879 63 55 24
0675 3 51 77
office@mira-n.com; officesofia@mira-n.com