Bulgaria 1, Geo Milev Str., 2200, Slivnitsa
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VEGAS 93 Ltd. was founded in 1993 and its main scope of activity is production of specialized equipment for hotels, restaurants, offices, warehouses, parks and gardens.

The main groups of product ranges are as follows: laundry carts, service carts, waiters carts, luggage carts, stands for clothing, restrictive stands and ropes, shoe polishers, cargo carrying carts, household dustbins, bins with ashtrays, dustbins for parks, benches, metal lockers, personal lockers, folding beds, shelves, etc...

The production activity is being carried out with high-tech equipment for stainless steel, black, non-ferrous (aluminium, brass) metals (sheets, pipes, profiles), including DURMA cutting guillotine, TRUMPF 2503 laser cutting machine, BOSCHERT CNC punching machine, DURMA CNC bending machine, bending of pipes, welding (spot, electric arc, argon), powder coating line.

The company is ISO 9001:2008certified.


+359 727 4 20 12
+359 727 4 20 12