Bulgaria 61, Hristo Botev Str., 8000, Burgas, Bulgaria

The interiors division of the consortium was established in 1994, under the trading name of CHAR Ltd. CHAR is an innovator in interior textile of the Bulgarian trade market and economy. It has over 19 years of experience in the trade and production. The early starting of the company makes it an attractive partner for the leading Europeans textile companies searching a way to step into Bulgarian market. CHAR has supplied over 240 stitching confection company’s with textiles. It has won and completed many garments government orders by stitching more than 3,000,000 uniforms.

In present days CHAR ltd holds leads in the market share in Interior Textile Furnishing and Decoration.For the past 19 years, the experience that Char Ltd has gained allowed us to have TOP quality rating among our clients. Due to the high demand for interior design and decorations the company has expanded from 70 to more than 100 regular employes.

CHAR has opened a network of self owned shops for textiles and ready made textile good to cover the demand in the whole of Bulgaria.

CHAR Ltd. Has its own modern stitching factory which allowed it to complete the whole process from the creation of textile designs to completing the textiles goods which allowed it to keep the highest quality standards and be flexible enough to meet the shortest project dead lines.

CHAR Ltd. has build a strong team of highly skilled architects and managers which has allowed us to complete over 450 hotel and apartment complexes projects and countless residential and office projects. We have experience in managing and completing projects in projects in Bulgaria, Russia, Greece, Germany.

CHAR Ltd. Work has been recognized and we have received many awards for interior design. Since the creation of the Building of the year contest, CHAR has won every year a award in at least one category.


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