08 June 2017

Start of the preparations for SIHRE 2017

Attractive booths, numerous competitions, unique blend of tastes, aromas and culinary vision, almost innumerable new ideas for the kitchen, meetings with major names from the culinary world. This will be the universe of SIHRE 2017, the exhibition.. show more »

17 October 2016

Innovation by Clientric, to increase your income

Clientric is an innovative company specializing in the HoReCa sector with a focus on Online Distribution, Online Marketing, building a comprehensive Digital Identity for hotels, restaurants, pubs, clubs and other businesses in the industry, aiming.. show more »

06 October 2016

Dispensers from the Lavela One Way line and Cosmos by Ivmar Paper

With their beautiful collection and easy maintenance, the Lavela and Cosmos dispensers provide uncompromising quality and diversity in the sector for hand hygiene. A wide variety of soap, lotion or foam – the product line offered by Lavela is.. show more »

04 October 2016

A new dimension in cooking with VarioCooking Center multificiency

You can cook three times faster, save 10% food, 30% space, 70% water, 40% energy and gain time. The VarioCooking Center multificiency by FRIMA is already on the market, having achieved a new dimension in cooking. The device technology combines.. show more »

04 October 2016

The cooking system with real intelligence

SelfCookingCenter by the company Rational is the only cooking system that senses, detects, thinks ahead and during operation, learns from users and communicate with them. SelfCookingCenter can grill, roast, bake, steam, stew, blanch or poach.. show more »

04 October 2016

GRANULDISK dishwashers

Vera 94 Ltd will present at SIHRE the GRANULDISK dishwashers. The machines use plastic granules, water and some detergent to achieve a perfect result in washing pots, pans, trays and kitchen utensils without the need for pre-washing. The.. show more »

04 October 2016

Broaster pressure fryer by Vera 94

The food is prepared under controlled pressure in sealed environment, resulting in more tender, juicy and flavorful foods , less oil absorption and faster cooking times . These are some of the advantages of the new Broaster pressure fryer, which.. show more »

03 October 2016

Yanak Soft unveils new line of POS Systems - "Elegant 1"

Yanak Soft develops a new line of POS System - "Elegant 1". The use of POS systems increases to a great extent the efficiency of retail business, comment experts from the company. "Elegant 1" features a design that one cannot.. show more »

30 September 2016

Baristo presents Modezia: a coffee blend by Paolo Scimone

This year Baristo will present Modezia – the first coffee blend from its latest Collection line. This  new blend of high quality Arabica coffees is developed by the Italian Paolo Scimone - professional coffee specialist and barista.. show more »

30 September 2016

Nanotechnology in the professional cleaning products by Enorma BG

Nanotechnology - this is an sector expecting an intensive development show more »